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Incidentally now we have the best auto link level stage on 31-4. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. Embarrassed_Bat_417 ... I'm not saying to fire Omatsu, that seems a bit extreme, but I don't think he's the right person to be the Producer of Dokkan currently.

Best link leveling stage dokkan auto. Things To Know About Best link leveling stage dokkan auto.

For example, the 23-8 on Super difficulty, which is the main stage people run to increase links, has a value of 1.0375. Meaning that at link level 1, on 23-8 Super difficulty, you have a 81.0375 % chance of getting a link from level 1 to level 2. At link level 9, it'll be a 4.0375 % chance of getting that link to level 10.People say 28-2 but I swear to you I haven't gotten a link level up there for about 2 weeks now... 8. Voodool8rd • 8 mo. ago. 28-6 is nice for your daily boost, its manual but 5 fights where you max lose out on 1 per run. 28-2 for auto. 3DanO1. DF Majin Vegeta. • 8 mo. ago. On Auto;To be exact, the rates for leveling a level 9 Link to level 10 were .89% and .84% respectively. For stamina efficiency, stage 7-10 is the way to go. There are other reasons why 7-10 is the new way ...There are actually several 29-6 for blue gems 30-4 and 31-4 for green I mainly use 29-6 because Blue gems are just... better, as you can exchange those for green with a 1:1 exchange rate, but you cant exchange green to blue.

Video Title: WHAT IS THE *ACTUAL* BEST STAGE TO FARM LINKS? Link Levels Fully Explained | DBZ Dokkan BattleTwitch h...Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. Maintenance is live. Best link leveling stages are coming! KnowsNoLimits 8 months ago #1. Stage 29-3 is king for auto and gives you green gems, stage 29-4 is king for manual and gives you the more desired blue gems.

To my knowledge, 29-6. PsychoSheep9000 • 4 min. ago. 30-4 is really good. 1. Arkshayh • 2 min. ago. For auto, but is it not the same that 29-3 ?? And what's the best for manual with boost, I was using 29-4. 1.

If you're using a boost then its better to do the 23-8 stage mentioned above. Basically the boost gives you 2 rolls instead of 1 for each ll. 2. ManibusDeus Scarlet Divinity • 1 yr. ago. 15-2 would still be better since 23-8 is very incosistent. 23-8 is only better for xp and gems. 6.A Visual Difference Between Level 1 & Level 10 Link Skills in Dokkan Battle_____Twitter: am typically link leveling all day if I decide to link level a unit. I do in fact use the 1 stone I get from login per day on link leveling, when I am link leveling. I run 8-9 since I can get the most runs in that way, I also use my boost on 8-9For link leveling still seems like it may not make a significant difference, since what plays the biggest role is STA and difficulty. I searched the wiki for the % increase, seems like doing 15-2 guarantees an additional 0.8% chance of leveling, whereas 8-9 guarantees an additional 0.7% chance of leveling (it's 0.05% chance increase per STA).

Hey Everyone and WELCOME to Darkson Gaming, my name is Chris and on today's video we take a look at the best stage to run for link levels and how many times ...

Feb 4, 2023 · Leesuschristt · 2/4/2023. I use 7-10 and just let it run on auto until I run out of stamina. 0. SUPER SAIYAN JIN · 2/4/2023. I use 28-2 which is auto, one of the highest link level rates, farm gems, quick. 0. Maxg218 · 2/5/2023. I use 29-3 or 28-2 for farming.

Video Title: THE NEW *BEST* LINK LEVEL STAGE ON GLOBAL! Quest Stage 29-3 | Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Merch is 8-9 best stage for auto mode? 0. ... But I thought link leveling also depends on stamina spent therefore 23-8 should be better? (edited by Heheyo) 0. ... Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. ...Ok so 7-10 is actually fucking insane for link level grinding. Grinding 8-9 for 2 days on auto got me hardly anything even from low level link units whereas I've gotten 4 level 10 links in the last 2 hours alone on 7-10 using auto, yesterday I didn't grind it that much and got about 3 level 10 links. This is easily the best stage for auto.Video Title LOOK NO FURTHER! THE NEW *BEST* STAGE FOR LINK LEVELING AND GEMS! | DBZ: Dokkan BattleJOIN the Krew and help us get to 10,000 Subscribers! Sub...Video Title: HOW TO FARM LINK LEVELS FAST! HOW TO LEVEL UP LINK SKILLS! GLOBAL 6TH ANNIVERSARY! (Dokkan Battle)This one is for those of you who want to know ...Did you clear the new stage (1-1) because if you did then your stage lineup is normal. The out of order is a glitch. If 8-9 is the wrong stage, then it must be 8-8, but the out of order is still a glitch.Oct 3, 2022 · Video Title: IS STAGE 29-3 THE NEW BEST LINK LEVEL STAGE? OR IS 28-2, 8-9 OR 7-10 BETTER? (DBZ: Dokkan Battle)-----...

Jan 17, 2023 · Don't waste time looking up old reddit posts from 3 years ago, all that info about early story stages is OLD NEWS! These stages are far more efficient and qu... What's the best link leveling stage for auto-battle/movement? M1Astray 1 year ago #1 Now we have auto-movement and battle (such a godsend!) link leveling …New quests stages have arrived to Global after the maintenance, now I don't need to bother for stages 23-8, 15-2 for link level up. 28-2 is the best one of the 3 by far. That is until we get 29-3. For now I live on 28-2 and grab those blue gems. Seems you can only do level 1 of LR VB's EZA atm as they only give you 10 medals.Jul 30, 2022 · The fastest unit I've gotten to full level 10 links is Trunks & Giru. This is like 18 hours or something. 28-2 is the best link leveling stage by far. 12:21 PM · Jul 30, 2022 Is this the New Best link level stage in the game? #dokkan #dokkanbattle #dokkanbattleglobal #dokkanbattlejpThere's two ways you can link level manual or auto . Manual Is mostly used when they're are many fights but they're not guaranteed so you control and make sure you hit those saibamans ( rip saibamans) auto is when go to a stage with less fights but each fight is guaranteed auto is normally much quicker than manual.

I use 8-9, mathematically, 7-10 is the best stage but 8-9 takes less time to run the stage as the fights are shorter so I personally use 8-9. The amount of STA used doesn't impact the chance of a link level, the stage just has to use STA but whether it be 1 or 100 STA the chance is mostly the same (some stages have modifiers which impacts it).

In today’s fast-paced digital world, time is of the essence. Whether you’re a busy professional, a gamer looking to level up quickly, or simply someone who wants to automate repetitive tasks on their mobile device, an auto clicker for mobil...Best manual link level stage with green/blue incredible gems? Like how 15-2 was the best link level stage (if you were willing to go through the map without auto on) are there equivalents for both blue gems and green gems? Thanks in advance. Enjoy your last few breaths of life, Trunks.The Best Way to farm Link-Levels with CHANCE as of right now** *** First Know that there is a correlation with the stamina to the likelihood of leveling up your link skills. Basically the higher the stamina the More of a chance to level up a link skill but again with CHANCE*** (Totally RNG-based) So What is The Best Stage?Video Title: GLOBAL! THIS STAGE IS EVERYTHING YOU NEED!!! The *BEST* Link Leveling Stage | DBZ: Dokkan BattleSubscribe: have already read that some people still use the 7-8 or 15-2 to farm their units. But, if I'm not wrong wasn't it confirmed that stamina is indeed a factor in link levelling? Also, for the stages that actually cost 25 Stamina, it's all over the place, some say 29-3 and 29-6, etc. Lately, I have been focusing solely on 28-2 and 30-4, changing ...Incidentally now we have the best auto link level stage on 31-4. 57. 18 comments ... tips, news, questions and everything else Dokkan Battle. Created May 6, 2015 ...Global Dokkan Just Got the NEW BEST Link Leveling Stage!Global Dokkan had maintenance last night and we got the new quest stages! We got 28-1 through 28-3. T...

With stage 30 live, are 29-3 and 29-6 still the best link leveling stages? I personally think 29-6 is the best stage if you're farming also blue gems. 30-4 is better if you wanr green gems/don't care about the blue gems. Jp got Area 31 and i think 31-4 is overall the best stage now, unfortunately it's not on global.

Dokkan Festival: Super Saiyan God SS Goku & Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta; Dokkan Festival: Fusion Zamasu; Legendary Summon Carnival: Super Saiyan Trunks (Future) Legendary Summon Carnival: Super Saiyan Gohan (Future) Gachas. Summon Rate Calculator; ... Best stage to link level on auto? 0. 3. 1.

Blue gems? stage 28-2. 0. Sonicsammo · 11/26/2022. 29-3 will be great for Green Gems once it's on Global. I'm on JP, sitting on 7000 from link leveling. 0. Atomic1717 · 11/26/2022. Yeah I kinda figured green stones are an L.Is this Dokkan Battles NEW BEST LINK LEVELING STAGE?Watch as Hoof takes you through the NEW stages of Story Mode, Area 31: Stages 1-4.If you enjoyed this vid...Did you clear the new stage (1-1) because if you did then your stage lineup is normal. The out of order is a glitch. If 8-9 is the wrong stage, then it must be 8-8, but the out of order is still a glitch. Boards. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. I just wish we get 28-8 in Global. powerporing 1 year ago #1. Farming the long 27-3 stage for EXP is just tiresome 28-8 only has three tiles for auto levelling. samxmas 1 year ago #2. Me too, I'm running 7-10 on auto clicker and it still took too long. I used my phone for work so I can only grind little by ...Pretty quick and easy to let it auto as well. It’s literally the fastest and simplest way imo. 1. OLGATOR54321 · 6/6/2023. I meant Story events, not Story mode stages. But I'll give 29-3 a try. 3. Brazilianboi · 6/6/2023. Stage 6 of the old Turles event is the best stage to link level units with the story keys since it was 5 fights with ...274. 84. r/DokkanBattleCommunity. Join. • 11 days ago. My take with the current burst mode. I couldn't bother using those ass categories. With this team you'll be virtually unbeatable! 1 / 6.Having a hard time omg 23-5 and 24-4. Those 2 are the only stages I can think of which has a lot of enemies AND best places to farm gems. Thanks in advance! 23-8 is the general …Video Title: 200% LEADER SKILL BUFF! LEVEL 10 LINKS 100% RAINBOW STAR TEQ ULTIMATE GOHAN! (DBZ: Dokkan Battle)-----...bosshankwar • 1 min. ago. Stage 29-6 is the fastest from what I've heard.Nov 19, 2021 · Video Title: THE BEST STAGE TO LINK LEVEL WITH THE VERSION Z AUTO FEATURE! (DBZ: Dokkan Battle)-----...

418. 256. r/DokkanBattleCommunity. Join. • 24 days ago. Looking at the batch of 4 new EZAs & I can say that they’re the best batch of EZAs for any Dokkan celebration ever. All 4 of them are extremely runnable & usuable on certain category teams. 1 / 4. 168.1. Bruh_Soundeffect_5. Towa. • 1 mo. ago. That's not a misconception. That's just how it works. 1. ZuyoRL • 1 mo. ago. Not quite, considering when boosting for example, the reason you're more likely to get link levels isn't because of the increased stamina cost, but rather the fact you're basically doing 2 runs at once.#dokkan #dokkanbattle #龍珠爆裂激戰Dokkan Festival: Kale (Berserk) Dokkan Festival: Super Saiyan Trunks (Teen) Gachas. Summon Rate Calculator; ... What's the best stage to auto link lvl units? Haven't been leveling links for a while and don't want to do it manually . 0. 4. 0.Instagram:https://instagram. froakie evolution linetroup county state courtfamoid free instagram likesdnr trout stocking md The BEST Stages For AUTO Link Level Farming! (DBZ Dokkan Battle) Tiger Uppercut Media 135K subscribers Subscribe 89K views 1 year ago #Gacha #DokkanBattle #DragonBallZ Believe it or not,...For Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Has the "best link leveling stage" consensus changed..." - Page 2. ... Has the "best link leveling stage" consensus changed... Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle iOS (iPhone/iPad) Android. Log in to add games to your lists. Notify me about new: Guides ... www mortgagequestionsolean police scanner SS4 Bardock!BEST UNIT IN THE GAME!! • Additional comment actions. Global: 30-4 JP: 31-4 Just put it on auto and then keep repeating the stage Reply Grond-445 Cooler Gang • ... Dokkan Now Special Links. r/DragonballLegends ... pud 3 power outage What's the best stage for auto link leveling? I remember seeing a post a while ago which said the 7-10 was the best. Is it still the case with the new stages? comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. abhih119 • ... What Legends players think dokkan is like.Boards. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. I just wish we get 28-8 in Global. powerporing 1 year ago #1. Farming the long 27-3 stage for EXP is just tiresome 28-8 only has three tiles for auto levelling. samxmas 1 year ago #2. Me too, I'm running 7-10 on auto clicker and it still took too long. I used my phone for work so I can only grind little by ...